Computerised numerical servo controlled automatic four side plywood/doors cutting machine. Automatic size Controlled

General Details:-

Widely used in Plywood/Particle board/Doors/Flush Doors production line. It could save labor cost and increase production capacity. All wood edge trimming process is controlled by Servo System Automatically. Provided with Scorer having automatic cutter for Fine/Sharp Cutting (Clear the Chipping). Automatic edge cutting and automatic stacker It Can cut plywood size from 2.5 ft x 4 ft to 5 ft x 8 ft and gives quality edge cutting.

Standard Features of Machines: -

  •   Scorer Blades size 125 mm (Cleanness of Edge Trimming) Make Leitz – Germany.
  •   One Set of Cutters install in the machine. (Make Leitz, Germany)
  •   Servo Stabilizer for Servo Drives.
  •   Six Servo Motors. (Mitsubishi – Japan OR Delta – Taiwan)
  •   Computerized Numerical Servo Controlled (Mitsubishi – Japan OR Delta – Taiwan)
  •   Electrical Panel makes Rittal, Germany.
  •   Conveyor Platform for Safety of Plyboard.
  •   Electricals are of SCHNEIDER/SIEMENS/L & T.
  •   Rail Make: HIWIN TAIWAN.
  •   Rail Guide Bracket Make: IGUS (Germany)
  •   Z Clamp Unit for Large Format.
  •   Provide with Hydraulic Delivery Lift with Sensors.

Technical Specifications :

Minimum Size 762 mm x 1220 mm.
Maximum Size 1524 mm x 2438 mm
Max. Thickness 55 mm.
Min Thickness 12 mm.
Electrical Load (Siemens / ABB) 10 H.P. 2800 RPM (04 Nos.)
Total Elec. Load 50 H.P(approx)