Pneumatic Glue Spreader Size – 9 ft.

General Details:-

Glue spreader is used for spreading glue Uniformly on veneers. Uniform gluing with the exact figure of adhesives improves the quality of plywood and saves a huge amount of expense in the long run. The clearance between the glue rolls and the doctor roll, in which a stepless change in rotation is available, can be freely adjusted according to the viscosity and the amount of glue to be spread. The waste scrapes the glue roll. When it inserts to the clearance either between the glue rolls; or between the glue roll and the doctor roll, the rolls are separate quickly by air cylinder. So, the waste fall down and cannot scrape the glue roll. This m/c uses a stepless morda inverter in model, it can control efficiently the stability of the running motor and the horse power of the output. At the operation the exchanged velocity, it can adjust easily the needed gluing velocity according to the actual gluing situation.(Nonstep speed change).Besides, this machine is specially equipped with an emergency stop switch which can immediately stop the running machine in emergency conditions. The operator can activate the emergency stop switch within a very short time to ensure the safety of the operator.

Technical Specifications :

Main Rubber Rolls 305 mm Dia x 2700 mm Length x 2 Sets
Doctor Rolls 230 mm Dia x 2700 mm Length x 2 Sets
Clearance Between Rubber Rolls 0 – 55 by handle.
Adjustment of Doctor Rolls One Touch control by Pneumatic System & Fine adjustment by handle with revolution indicator.
Feed Speed (Stepless Inverter) 0 – 120 Hz (230 M/Min.
Outfeed Speed 96 M/Min
Motor for Outfeed Conveyor 1.5 Kw
Motor for Main Roller Drives 5.5 Kw
Machine Weight Approx 4500 Kgs